FPUAnet® Fort Pierce’s Fiber Optic Internet Provider provides highly reliable and high-speed communications to business customers throughout the City of Fort Pierce, Florida. Our unique ability to provide a high performing service at a reasonable price makes FPUAnet a clear choice.

Why FPUAnet®?

FPUAnet’s 65-miles of optical fiber network provides Fort Pierce Utilities Authority and local business customers with Dedicated Fiber Optic Internet access. Bandwidth Connections connect remote sites to central locations. This single-mode fiber network provides our utilities with remote equipment monitoring and management. FPUAnet® Fiber Optic internet customers have complete Internet access to websites, email and messaging, telephone, video conferencing, and more.

fibre-dedicated-internet-inner-image-usFPUA has been providing high-quality communication services to the public since 2000. Choosing FPUA will benefit your business. You will be helping your community to prosper by choosing a local hometown internet provider.  You likely already do business with FPUA for many other services such as water, wastewater, gas, or electric.

Our local and dedicated team of professionals strives to help your organization every step of the way to a successful installation and everyday service that you can always rely on.

Don’t wait, call now to speak with one of our expert professional team members. We can have your internet service blazing-fast and dependable in no time!

FPUAnet® Fiber Optic Service Team: (772) 466-1600 x 3311 or FPUAnet@FPUA.com