FPUAnet® Bandwidth Connections provide connectivity between your company’s physical locations.  This allows your company to securely connect your remote locations to your central office location and share information, services, and applications.

FPUAnet provides the fiber optic cable connections and switches at each location, you simply plug your network into a port on each side and your remote offices all become connected to your main office network.

Why Bandwidth Connections?

  • 99.99% reliable self-healing loops
  • Wide area network connectivity
  • FPUAnet 24/7/365 network management
  • Highly reliable and secure

FPUAnet® has over 65-miles of optical fiber network to provide FPUA and our local business customers with Dedicated Internet Access.  FPUAnet® also provides Bandwidth Connections connecting remote physical sites to central physical locations.  Choosing to connect your various locations using Bandwidth connections can make working with remote offices extremely efficient.  This connection allows you to share all data and network resources among all your locations.

Therefore, this single-mode fiber network provides our utilities with remote equipment monitoring and management. Fiber optic internet customers have complete Internet access to websites, email and messaging, telephone, video conferencing and more.

The Optical fiber cable is composed of fine strands of clear glass. Encoded light signals are beamed through a fiber strand.  The information sent is received and decoded at the other end of the strand.  Optical fiber is the fastest communication medium available today. The global Internet backbone is now composed of optical fiber.

FPUAnet® Fiber Optic Service Team: (772) 466-1600 x 3311 or FPUAnet@FPUA.com